Company Objective and Mission

The company’s main objective is to launch new products and technologies in the field of LED lighting, computer accessories and electronics onto the market and popularize them. The implementation of the objective is made plausible thanks to our long-term cooperation with reliable manufacturers, as well as to the nationwide distribution of the abovementioned products, data carriers and consumables.


Multioffice Sp. z o.o. was established in 1997 in Cracow, after a rapidly developing computer accessories department had been separated from the company Veracomp S.A. Soon the market demand caused Multioffce Sp. z o.o. to add data carriers and consumables to its already well-established field of specialization in computer accessories. The further development of the company led to the creation and flourishing of two new departments: Consumer Electronics and Lighting. Ever since then both departments have been undergoing a fast and buoyant development, constantly hiring new specialists for sales, and increasing their share in the total sales of the company.

Initially, Multioffice employed 5 people, including 2 sales representatives, while its warehouse space was about 200 m2 in total, and Cracow was the only city, where the company rendered its services. At present, the company employs more than 30 people in the headquarters in Cracow and its sales offices in Poznań and Warsaw. The warehouse space occupied by the company has grown within that time to 2,100 m2.

Our brands

ART logo

Products, Brands, Partners

The Multioffice company is an authorized distributor of, among others, such manufacturers as:
Ambersil, ART, HSK Data, Lexmark, Creative, Imro, Sony and Varta.


Currently Multioffice specializes in the distribution of 5 main product groups:
● lighting products
● audio-video accessories
● computer accessories
● data storage
● consumables

Within the range of lighting products, Multioffice offers:
● LED bulbs
● LED tubes, LED fixtures, LED panels and LED ceiling lights
● LED floodlights
● LED strips
● LED accessories

Within the range of audio-video accessories, Multioffice offers:
● TV arms and TV mounts
● aluminum and glass TV tables
● audio-video cables

Within the range of computer accessories, Multioffice offers:
● accessories for tablets (cases, keyboards, speakers, Bluetooth headsets, mounts, cleaning accessories)
● notebook accessories (power supplies, bags)
● computer accessories (keyboards, mice, gamepads, webcams, speakers, headsets, microphones)
● accessories for smartphones
● cleaning accessories
● projector mounts
● screens for projectors
● power supplies

Within the range of data storage, Multioffice offers:
● data tapes
● external drives
● CD and DVD
● flash memories

Within the range of consumables, Multioffice offers:
● cartridges
● toners
● drum kits
● tapes


For us, Clients constitute the greatest value. We make every effort to meet their expectations in every respect. Our company renders its services to more than 2,000 active Clients who buy our products at least once a month. Multioffice Clients are small, medium, and large stores, as well as chain ones. Among our Clients, there are also online stores, integrators and business services.


Since the beginning of its activity Multioffice has relied on human potential believing people to be the true driving force behind any company’s success. Our company employs a total of over 30 highly qualified employees, who ensure its smooth operation and dynamic development on the one hand, and the comprehensive and professional client service on the other.


Intensive global development of all areas related to computer science, information processing and lighting, has created the need for introducing the most technologically advanced products to the Polish market faster than the competition. That is why Multioffice introduces new product lines, enters new markets, expands and diversifies its offer, constantly taking into account the growing demands of its Clients.

Promotional and marketing activities are carried out by a professional marketing department. Additionally, in cooperation with a public relations agency, Multioffice ensures itself a permanent presence in the industry magazines, thus establishing its image as a professional, reliable and dynamic distributor of modern lighting, computer and audio&video accessories, data carriers and consumables.

Sales, Logistics, Internet

Multioffice guarantees its Clients the delivery of ordered goods within 24 hours of order submission. This is made possible by an incredibly efficient logistics system and a well-organized network of Regional Sales Coordinators and Representatives operating all over Poland.

Because our Clients show great interest in saving time and minimizing costs, for many years the company has been offering an online ordering system – MOzam. The system enables Clients to place orders 24 hours a day. In addition to providing accurate information about products, their prices and availability, the system allows to order a delivery by one of many shipping options (one of those available is drop shipping, i.e. delivery of goods to the end client, combined with collecting the due amount from the recipient and delivering it to the sender’s account). This allows the company to further optimize client service and increase efficiency. The MOzam system also enables downloading and updating data (even several times a day) in csv and xml formats, adapted to integrate data with virtually all types of e-store platforms.

Since 2000 Multioffice has been the exclusive distributor and designer of the ART brand, which brings together a wide range of ancillary products for IT, consumer electronics, lighting systems, and consumables for printing devices. The ART brand has been developing constantly, gaining recognition on the market, while new often unique products have been introduced regularly into its range.